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About Me

I'm a professor, researcher, and consultant, trained as an Industrial-Organizational psychologist. I'm interested in a wide variety of topics in organizational science, psychology, and economics, but my identity as a researcher can be easily summarized by one statement:

There is more to work than working

My research spans the boundaries of multiple disciplines, focused centrally on the role of leaders and leader behavior in organizations and social groups. I am also interested in complex future of work problems, and how organizational and psychological research can be best leveraged to influence applied practice and public policy.




In my role as a professor and researcher, I aim to expand the understanding and application of organizational science. Learn more about my identity as a scientist and my areas of expertise. 



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Meet my colleagues and partners across the globe. I work closely with experts across a variety of fields, and am always looking to engage with reseachers and practitioners on challenging problems.




I have served as an advisor and consultant to some of the world's largest organizations. Learn more about my experience and the services I can provide as an applied psychologist.




I'm always looking for new ideas, projects, and collaborators. If you are interested in learning more, please contact me via the form below or my information to the right.

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Matthew Crayne, Ph.D.

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