Dr. Matthew Crayne

Consulting Services

As an applied psychologist, I provide advisory services to clients in both the public and private sectors.  Read on to learn more about how I might help you with your next project.


Statistical Consulting

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I provide professionals in both business and academia with guidance on drawing important insights from their data. From research project design to complex analysis and reporting, I ensure that my clients are prepared to leverage data in ways that have meaning and impact.


Change Management

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Modern organizations are in a constant state of change, and few have the resources or experience to manage change efficiently. I provide my clients with rigorous, data-driven guidance on managing the people and process impacts that are critical to program success. 


Selection and Assessment

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Identifying and assessing talent is costly and operationally challenging, leading many organizations to rely on sub-standard methods. From workforce strategy to selection system validation, I equip my clients with the necessary tools to consistently land top performers.