Dr. Matthew Crayne
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Matthew Crayne, PhD

Assistant Professor of Management

Massry Center for Business- University at Albany

I started my career as a management consultant with PricewaterhouseCoopers, providing guidance to organizations on how to address their most pressing talent and change management problems. There I saw first-hand how some of the world's most prominent organizations struggle to manage talent, and how a significant gap between good science and practice has left many unprepared for a complex future of work. I was motivated to return to academia and use my experiences as a consultant to inform research that can bridge that gap.

My current research is focused on under-studied concepts in organizational leadership, particularly the outcome of leader errors and the influence of followers on the leadership process. I am also interested in how vocational interests develop and influence the job search process, and how those processes vary across groups. Finally, I work on emerging challenges to macro-level human capital strategy (e.g., AI and automation, wage deflation, growth of the "gig" economy), and how organizational science can be integrated in practice and public policy.